The VEGETABLE LABYRINTH SOME FIGURES Surface: 5176,5 Mē Végétaux having pushed naturally and preserved at the time of the realization:  12 common Birches (Betula pendula), but a death at the time of the dryness of 2003, and one at the time of that of 2006.  1 common Spruce (Picea excelsa)  1 common Ash (Fraxinus excelsior)  1 pédonculé Oak (Quercus pedonculata), died at the time of the secheress of 2003.  1 Common maple (Acer campestre)  1 Charm (Carpinus betulus) Vegetable planted:  4200 Hedges (Carpinus betulus)  2 Épiceas (Picea excelsa)  10 common Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens), planted between the hedges, for test, they will gradually replace the hedges over one 20 years period. Others will be planted soon on the totality of the labyrinth. Average width of the alleys: 1,5 m Thickness of the hedges: 50 cm Length of the maze: 2579,50 m. The longest labyrinth of permanent hedges cut of the world is that of Longleat in England, with 2721 m of maze, which places that of Saint-Maur at the second world rank, and first of France. The ground of the beaten ground alleys, very practicable the days of rain, will be gravillonnées later on. A PLEASANT COURSE design of the labyrinth: narrow cut hedges of hedge, sections of tortuous and short alleys with many crossroads, causes an effect of immediate mislaying, without real risk to lose itself, and especially without tiredness. To find the exit is easy for that which wants to give up the play. It is necessary to have traversed a labyrinth of cut hedges and to compare with the other labyrinths of seasonal cultures to note the enormous difference in environment; fresher and more natural. Birches with the sparse foliage add by their shade diffuses freshness the summer, (photo VisLabyr38.JPG)et by places of the benches invite to a pleasant halt. An underground gallery offers its stone benches for a pleasant moment of freshness the days of heat wave (Photographs GrotteLab1 and GrotteLab3.JPG) PLAYS OF the LABYRINTH You will spend one hour in the labyrinth, if you are pressed and simply amateur of discovered and curiosities, if not you will be able to play, only, in family, or between friends, and to remain several hours to slacken you, or measures your capacities. TEST YOUR SENS Of the ORIENTATION a plan of the labyrinth is given to you to the entry, (PlanLabyrinthe drawing 2005 1.pdd, or PlanLabyrintheNoir2.jpg with the choice) with its assistance try to locate you in the meander of the hedges, and find the many points of plays and exposures. TWIST OF LAUGHING Six deforming mirrors will return to you an image enough surprising and very hilarante.(Photos: AntoineLab02, AntoineLab03, and VisLabyr05) LEAVE A HUNTING TO the TREASURE a play for the children, that the parents will have pleasure to help. Find the panels of the play distributed in the maze, answer the questions by the adapted number, to reconstitute the secret code which will enable you to open the trunk with the treasure and to gain the gift which it contains. PLAY OF the TALES FOR CHILDREN a play for the all small ones, from 5 to 10 years, with easy questions to undoubtedly gain a small gift. TEST YOUR OLFACTIVE MEMORY Play to identify by the odor of the flowers, fruits, etc the topic changing every year. DISCOVER the OPTICAL ILLUSIONS Of the exposure of 2006 we preserved the most curious subjects, to astonish you. ASTONISH OWE the CURIOUS PHYSICAL PHENOMENA By the exposure of 2005 we preserved some surprising apparatuses, or amusing for the enfants.(Photo AntoineLab03.JPG) MADE STRANGE MEETINGS Sculptures or strange objects colonize the recesses of the labyrinth each year. ADMIRE Of IN TOP the LABYRINTH In project for 2007, an elevated central platform will allow to discover pretty convolutions of the hedges of the labyrinth.