Le labyrinthe végétal



SOME FIGURES                   

Area:  5,176.5m²

Trees that were originally growing on the site and that were kept during the construction of the gardens:


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Hedging planted:

The pathways made of red shale, which is very practical on rainy days, will eventually be gravelled.  Modifications made in 2008 allow visitors if they wish, to do a complete tour of the maze, not forgetting the other attractions, without turning back on themselves too much.

Discrete markings on the ground allow the lost visitor to find their way out.

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The concept of a maze:  tightly clipped hornbeam hedges, unexpected twists and turns, numerous intersections, all provoke an immediate effect of being confused but with no real risk of getting lost and, above all, without becoming tired.  For those who wish to stop playing the game finding the exit is easy.  You really need to visit a natural hedge maze and compare it with the others made up from seasonal planting to really appreciate the difference; it is much cooler and more natural.

The thin foliage of the Common Birches gives a dappled shade providing a gentle coolness in summer, and here and there benches make an agreeable resting place.  An underground gallery, formed with stone, is pleasantly cool on even the hottest summer days.

La grotte


Le plan

GAMES IN THE MAZE            

You can spend an hour in the maze if you are keen to complete it and like to discover new curiosities, otherwise play the games, either on your own, as a family or with friends, and stay there for several hours, relaxing or pitting your wits against each other.

There are six distorting mirrors in the maze, each will give you a surprising and hilarious new look.

Many of you have asked that these be repeated so we have dedicated an area to them.

We have kept some of the items of the 2005 exhibition to surprise and amuse the children.

Strange objects or sculptures lurk in the corners of the maze each year!

Each year there is different story that leads the children along a particular path where they have to find the right direction by answering simple questions.

In this game, you need to discover a mystery word by following the clues hidden in the maze, and you can win a small souvenir of your visit!


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